Hello fellow Subaru enthusiasts! My name is Luke Shannon, I'm a US-born California native, former Mechanic (UTI Graduate), Commercial Welder, and Professional Hydrogeologist (BS in Geology, MS in Hydrologic Engineering) currently living in Northern California. In 2017 I started the "SubaruONLY" YouTube Channel, which focuses on creating VLOG-style instructional DiY and project build videos for Subaru enthusiasts.

In late 2020 I choose to follow my passion for motorsports and creating original automotive content, and became a full-time YouTube Creator. I'm bringing everything I've learned over the span of 15 years working for large engineering and design firms (as a Hydrogeologist and Project Manager) to strategically grow SubaruONLY into a multimedia and motorsports company that focuses on creating original content for a global audience of Subaru enthusiasts.

The SubaruONLY concept was born out of my passion for the unique design of the Subaru platform and the broad motorsport applications it can be used in! I've been a life-long motorsport enthusiast and although I didn't start racing with the Subaru platform, I eventually gravitated to it for the fundamental advantages that come with it's design. Specifically, (1) the low center of gravity, (2) great power-to-weight ratio, and (3) one of the automotive industry's best all wheel drive systems. Who doesn't love an AWD, light-weight, high-horsepower vehicle that can compete in nearly all forms of motorsport and still be a great daily driver.


  1. Create original YouTube content that's entertaining and highly informative.

  2. Help facilitate growth in the Subaru aftermarket and motorsports community.

  3. Build meaningful relationships with people that share my passion for motorsports.